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The Participants page is where you can manage your teams, referees, and administrators. Let's start with teams. You can add teams individually, or import a list from another source.

If you want to categorize teams based on factors like age group, gender, or skill level, please set up divisions on the General page beforehand. Each division will have its own teams. In a later video, you'll learn how to create a Format consisting of groups and finals for each division separately.

The Team Information panel allows you to customize the columns in the table. For example, you can track an email address, country, or dressing room for each team. If you have individual players instead of teams participating in the event, simply click on the gray area to switch the interface.

For team-based tournaments, there's an option to add players to each team... Explore the Group Ranking section on the General page to set up player statistics such as goals, tries, or yellow cards.

Tournify also provides a built-in registration page. Please go to Presentation, create a website link, enable the sign up page and click Edit page to open and customize your own online tournament registration form.

Next, let's talk about referees. Similar to adding teams, you can add referees one by one or in bulk. If teams themselves serve as officials for other matches in the tournament, you can enable the Teams as referees feature.

In the Referee Information panel, you can set specific constraints or preferences for each referee, such as availability for particular locations or times. These variables will be taken into account when referees are automatically assigned to matches on the Schedule page.

Lastly, if you're collaborating with others on the same tournament, you can choose to share your login credentials with co-organizers. However, while there's no limit to the number of devices that can be logged in to the same account, it may be useful to restrict access to specific tournaments or tournament components instead. Therefore, you can add admins to a tournament from the Administrators tab.

Please note that you can only add email addresses associated with registered Tournify accounts, so you'll have to ask your co-organizers to set up a free account first.

Thank you for watching. We’ll cover the Format page in the next video.

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