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At Tournify, we provide single-use upgrades that are valid for organizing one tournament each. Please visit our website and scroll down to the pricing section to find out more.

Tournaments with up to 8 teams or players are free of charge. If you have more competitors in your event or would like to take advantage of our additional functionalities, you can upgrade your tournament to either World Class or Legendary.

By upgrading to World Class, you can accommodate up to 60 teams or players in your event. Additionally, you'll have the ability to customize the branding, showcase your sponsors, and publish the tournament in our Android & iOS app. If you have more than 60 teams, the Legendary upgrade is perfect for you. It offers unlimited teams and includes all the features of the World Class package.

For online eSports tournaments that do not require a field planning, we also offer a "Pro" upgrade. The Pro version automatically divides matches into playing rounds, eliminating the need for pitch or referee assignment.

Please note that all upgrades are "per tournament". This means that one upgrade allows you to organize one event, after which it will be locked. The event will remain visible at all times, but if you want to host another tournament with more than 8 teams or if you like to make a copy of the original tournament for a future edition, you will need to obtain a new upgrade.

Good to know: You can incorporate multiple categories, such as different age groups, within a single tournament by setting up divisions on the General page of your tournament. To get an upgrade, simply click the "Upgrade" button in the blue header.

In addition to these per-tournament upgrades, we also offer a yearly subscription. This option provides the greatest value for those organizing 10+ tournaments annually. To learn more, please request the brochure for detailed information.

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