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There are three ways to showcase your tournament to athletes and spectators.

Firstly, you can set up a custom tournament website with just two clicks. Choose your website link, hit Save and we're live. There’s a generated QR code available for printed media. Before exploring the website itself, let’s personalize the landing page.

In the Pages section, you can click on the Edit page button located below the Info page to add text, attachments, and pictures to warmly welcome visitors to your website. If you have purchased one of the premium upgrades, you can further customize the branding. The website will look great in your colors and with a custom logo and background. Additionally, you can feature your sponsors by uploading their logos.

Let's take a look at our live website, which is optimized for all screen sizes. The website updates in real-time as new results come in, and players can easily mark their favorite teams to stay updated on upcoming matches, latest results, and standings.

Tournify is also available as an iOS and Android app. To make your tournament discoverable in the app, simply toggle the Show tournament in app switch. Players who have favorited a team in the app will receive useful notifications about their upcoming matches.

Lastly, there's a slideshow feature that allows you to present your tournament on a big screen, such as a projector or TV. Start by creating your first slide and adding elements to it. The amount of information that fits on one slide depends on the size of the elements and the selected font size. For this slide, let's add two groups. On the next slide, we can display the last group and showcase our sponsors. You can also add text, pictures, QR codes, and lists with upcoming matches, latest results, and the overall ranking.

Remember to mark slides as Active for them to be included in the presentation. You can present the slideshow by opening the URL in the built-in browser of a smart TV, but please note that not all televisions support the techniques we use. The most reliable method is to connect a laptop with an HDMI cable to a projector or TV.

That’s it for now! To learn more about how referees can easily submit scores via the tournament website and app, please watch our next video in which we cover the Results page.

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