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Now that teams have been added, formats have been created, and matches have been planned, it's time to process incoming results during the tournament. Log in to Tournify on any device and navigate to the Results page to easily submit match results. Multiple people can do this simultaneously: you can share your login credentials or add co-organizers as admins from the Participants > Administrators pages.

We've developed an even easier way for referees to submit scores, without the need to create a Tournify account. In the Participants > Referees section, ensure that the Login Link column is enabled in the Referee Information panel. These unique URLs allow individual referees to submit scores via your tournament website or the Tournify app. Let's copy a link into another browser tab and try submitting a test result. It's as simple as that. If the website is opened on a mobile phone and the referee has the Tournify Android or iOS app installed, they can click on the bell icon 🔔 to continue in the app.

If you allow teams to submit scores themselves instead of having referees, please go to the Teams tab. You'll find that each team also has a unique login link. If you use our built-in registration page, the login link can be automatically included in the confirmation email sent to each registrant after completing the form. In all other cases, you can send the login links to teams or referees using third-party tools like email or WhatsApp. Currently, there is no general login link to report scores for all matches.

Let's return to the Results page and look at the Progress section at the top of the page. Once all results from a phase are in, click the Start button to move on to the next phase. We purposely made this process manual so that you, as the organizer, always have control. Clicking Start will present an overview of how the teams performed and how they will progress to the next phase based on the links you created earlier on the Format page. If everything looks good, you can confirm and the new matches will be visible to the teams. It's really that easy.

Feel free to test this process, but remember to click Undo afterwards to reset everything to its original position. When you press the Start button, the placements are based on the standings at that exact moment, so generally you should wait for all matches from the previous phase to be completed before moving on to the next phase.

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